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Estate Planning, Probate and Trusts

Jonathan Meter advises individuals and families on estate planning.  Attorney Meter will review various estate planning strategies for the management, protection and transfer of wealth, while taking into consideration various state and federal gift, death and income tax consequences, and will draft appropriate documents specifically tailored to the client’s needs, including:


• Wills

• Living Trusts

• Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

• Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

• Supplemental Needs / Special Needs Trusts

• Charitable Remainder Trusts


As part of the preparation of a comprehensive estate plan, Attorney Meter will also prepare ancillary documents such as Powers of Attorneys, Living Wills and Advance (Medical) Directives.  


Estate and Trust Administration

Attorney Meter regularly represents clients in the complex process of estate settlement and trust administration.  This process includes guiding clients through the probate court system, filing appropriate tax returns, negotiating with and paying creditors, liquidating assets (when necessary), and distributing assets to beneficiaries.


Trust and Probate Litigation

The firm represents individuals and families in litigation involving trusts and estates, including:


• Will contests

• Contested accountings

• Fee Disputes

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