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Stedronsky & Meter, LLC

are located on the green in Litchfield, CT


We offer over 60 years of legal experience handling a

variety of matters for our clients throughout the state.

The Law Offices of

Real Estate:

•Residential Closings, Financings and Developments

•Commercial Closings, Financings and Developments

•Zoning and Land Use

•Tax Appeals

•Title and Boundary Matters

•Trials & Litigation

Trials and Litigation:

•Personal Injury / Wrongful Death / Motor Vehicles

•Commercial and Construction



•Municipal and Real Estate



•Estate Planning / Wills & Trusts

•Estate Administration & Probate

Municipal Tax Appeals

Throughout the State of Connecticut

• All levels of state court

• Commercial, hospitality, industrial, residential

Attorneys James Stedronsky and Jonathan Meter have lived in Litchfield County for over 30 years.  They are intimately familiar with the practices and peoples of this County.


The firm prides itself on handling a diverse case load, and you are invited to read the biographies of attorneys Stedronsky and Meter as well as the firm’s areas of practice.


Attorneys Stedronsky and Meter are familiar with many specialized attorneys throughout the state.   When matters of special legal expertise arise, the firm consults with the client and works with the client to retain the attorney best suited for his or her needs.


There is no charge for an initial consultation and you are welcome to call Attorney Stedronsky or Attorney Meter with any legal matter you wish to discuss.


Attorneys James Stedronsky and Jonathan Meter Attorneys James Stedronsky and Jonathan Meter

Business and Entity:

•Limited liability Companies



•Buy – Sell Agreements

•Tax Exempt / Non-profit Organization